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I am Jitendra Vaswani & Welcome to My Tumblr World.
Blogging is evolution and I breathe in this world. In Short About Me:
Internet Marketer by choice,
Blogger by passion.
Ardent reader.
Amateur photographer
Enthusiastic speaker.
Attentive listener.
Voracious and Compulsive reader.
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Hey You bloggers we are back again with another brilliant interview.

As part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we have Frank Watson, who is extremely obsessed with learning everything there is to know about successfully marketing your website online. Also he is  Online marketer, journalist and proud dad. He will be answering various questions related to Social Media, SEO  & other Internet Marketing stuffs . So lets start with the interview.

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Photography Tips for Capturing your Monster Key West Haul Aside from the lack of Gore-Tex raingear,…

Photography Tips for Capturing your Monster Key West Haul

Aside from the lack of Gore-Tex raingear, the most frustrating thing about being a fisherman back in Ernest Hemingway’s day was the difficulty in getting a sweet photo for your big catch. These old-timers couldn’t just haul out their iPhone on deck and snap away to their heart’s content!

How many people thought their grandfather’s tales of…

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Life After The Armed Forces

Without a doubt, when coming home from war, a person will face an uphill battle. Not only is it hard to cope with the day-to-day life after war, but one will have other battles to face. Sadly, our society is not always ready for this and, as a result, many veterans are lost and have no direction in life.

While this is true, it is important to highlight the common problems they face when coming…

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